my partner and i have long wanted to submit a photo to your blog, but have never felt one was worthy enough.  photos were always too staged or posed.  but this time, he snuck pictures as he fucked me…  something about that, and how the images turned out - all blurry and rushed - as he secretly took them - it makes the images something more

What a photograph, I put out the challenge for anyone to capture a moment of intimacy and these two did so perfectly. Him bending her over, pealing her briefs aside and having her the way he wants. The motion and movement are completely captivating. So glad to be chosen to share this shot, thanks so much for sharing it on Submission Sunday. 

Anonymous said: Same anon about feeling lonely at 20, I have been out and tried but every time I've been rejected. So it's a little discouraging maybe I should just lower my expectations?

"Expectations are the root of all heartache"

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Anonymous said: What are some of the musicians that you listen to while engaging in pelvic sorcery? Hope your day is lovely!

Pelvic sorcery?! Holy shit! hahaha

You can find some of the music I like here. For nights of love making (or crazy kinky sex idk) I like to have on trip hop, downbeat, chill out type music.. Something that is easy to get lost in, doesn’t distract from the experience and in ways actually adds a whole new dynamic to the whole thing :)

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Anonymous said: Do you have preferences about girls' hair length? Elaborate lingerie or a most natural thing?

Not really, but I’m not keen on super short hair.. As for lingerie? I like it a lot.. :)

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Anonymous said: If an artist you admired or a critic you respected didn't think your work was anything special, would that discourage you in your efforts? Do you think anyone's opinion could give you pause or deter you from your creative endeavours?

No it wouldn’t.. I like to prove people wrong so it would only motivate me to try harder :)

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Anonymous said: Have you ever been attracted to someone you never thought you would?


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Anonymous said: Is it normal to feel lonely and unwanted when I'm 20, never been kissed or even asked out and just rejected?

What is ‘normal’? I want to say not to worry about it, but the fact you’ve messaged me shows it’s playing on your mind.. My advice would be to try not to stress too much about it and if you genuinely want something to happen, you might have to make your own luck and go after it yourself. Waiting around for things to happen doesn’t always work unfortunately (I wish it did)..

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Anonymous said: How long is your dick in inches?

How cavernous is your vagina?

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Anonymous said: What's your favorite thing to do when you need to relax?

I’d say look at paintings, but I spend the whole time racking my brain and trying to figure out how they were painted, so it’s not as relaxing as it should be! aha.. I’ll say listening to music. I listen to a whole lot of music!

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Anonymous said: Why do men push down on the front of their balls/underside of their penis at the base? does this q make sense? I see it all the time in photos/porn but I'm a girl and therefore very confused!

Ahh, like pulling on their balls..? It feels realy rather good. If you want to improve your head game just try adding that, but you have to be careful and know how to do it without causing discomfort as balls can be really sensitive.. :)

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Anonymous said: Have you watched John Mulaney: New in town, on Netflix?

I haven’t.. I’ve not even heard of it! aha

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Anonymous said: Does a girls weight affect whether you like her physically/sexually?

Not particularly.. Curves are good :)

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does it have to be anonymous?
If you message me privately then it’ll stay private :)

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Anonymously ask me anything!

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