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…you know me from NN?! I deleted my profile there 3 or 4 months ago..

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The Collar
I could fall in love with a cruel desert that kills without passion, a canyon full of scorpions, one thousand blinding arctic storms, a century sealed in a cave, a river of molten salt flowing down my throat. But never with you. Henry Rollins, Solipsist (via wordsnquotes)

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My first exhibitionist forays on the Internet were on an amateur porn site a couple of years ago. The abundance of awkwardly posed flesh in messy rooms soon became tiresome and I realized my eyes craved artistic nudity, not porn masquerades. It was the human body, evocatively shadowed and lit, that seduced my imagination. Where to find such images?
tumblr was vast and anonymous. I became an obsessive voyeur, collecting pictures that told stories. Before long, I had a large inspiration folder on my hard drive. The more I discovered alluring images and toyed with my camera, the more I realized how ill-equipped I was to achieve the results I admired. Best I forget “copying” shots and focus on telling my own stories, in natural light.
Still, a handful of times, I attempted the re-creation of images I found here. (Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. Those who are copied shouldn’t fear the phenomenon: perfect copies are as impossible as they are pointless, especially in erotic photography.)
Recently, one of these images came through my dashboard. A sweet, simple shot, it still makes me smile. Like so many other photos here, its credits are lost so I was never able to ask the creator if I could re-create it or even now say thanks for the inspiration.
This morning, I found my “copy” from all those moons ago. Perhaps it will elicit a smile or two as well. We certainly had fun creating our version. 

I’m trying to capture life and moments of my friends, family and places where feels like home to me.
Place to call home for now is my country Serbia where I grew up.
I’m Dorotea Dimitrijevic 24 year’s old, 
All pictures are analog…..
It doesn’t work like that. Two people can’t have a connection like that and nothing happen. It can’t work like that. Anonymous (via hatersmakemeefamous)

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Anonymous said: I'm happiest when you're online.

:) <3

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